Skill Development Exercise

Squeeze out That Learning Juice Skill Development Exercise- Fruit Juice Making September 23, 2016

With the objective to promote an awareness on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, our PG and TK kids devoted this day to making fruit juices. Since every class in TK undertook this mission, an assortment of fruits filled the whole TK neighborhood. Strawberries, mangoes, melons, watermelons, apples, kiwis and a host of fruity combinations flooded the day.

Our learners, truly ‘squeezed’ this wonderful day filled with fun and learning, a magical concoction itself. For our nursery hosts, squeezing oranges proved to be the moment of harnessing their psychomotor skills. ‘Juice-squeezing’, apparently develops hand strength and fine motor coordination, an essential requirement for all the writing they do plus expanding their awareness and concentration. Further, fresh fruits supplemented the idea of building sensory awareness among our young. The icing on the cake, proved to be the drinking.

As everyone drank to their labours worth, numerous appeals for second helpings and more resounded the whole TK complex at Gandhi. This proved to be another fine moment of learning as our tots discovered how internal hunger and fullness cues are the body’s way of saying when to eat and when to stop eating. Burp! That summed up the day but what a wonderful way to develop lifelong commitments to healthy living at such an early stage in life. Kudos TK !