Science on the Loose

Science Day Observance

In a bid to stimulate curiosity among our young learners, TK organised a science class to observe ‘Science Day’. To make matters interesting, our younglings were to observe, predict and interpret how a cabbage leaf changes colour on its own.

For the experiment, each kid got the chance to add drops of food colour into a glass of water followed by ‘planting’ cabbage leaves into each glass with different colours. Our young scientists were quick to make their predictions over what would happen to the cabbage leaves thereafter.

Among all the prophecies, everyone left the glasses the whole day for a better result The following morning, our investigators marvelled at the sight of cabbage leaves turning bright pink, orange and blue.

The investigation started with observing the results and interpreting them. It was a pleasant surprise to discover how natural investigators our young learners can be. It was a revelation for the teachers to discover how quickly our ‘investigating team’ had concluded their findings correctly.

That all plants drink water and transpire, was a foregone conclusion before the class could commence. For the teachers, this was another fruitful day where the learning was hands-on and involving a developmental process that was minds-on too. Kudos to everyone !